Yesterday's progress...

I finished the hawk painting yesterday, still haven't settled on a name for it - "Birdfeeder Vigil" or "Backyard Vigil" comes to mind, but nothing really the naming is yet to be finalized. Any ideas?
I am using this as one of my entries into a show on 'Birds and Their Habitat' that has to be mailed in before Feb. 1st, so I was very glad to have the time to finish it yesterday.
I puttered with the mural a little too - made the front horse bigger - one day I will sit myself down and get the details in the horses and sulkies done and then I might be finished with this one. I'm sure it won't be hung until the weather gets better in the late winter/spring.
Next is to finish the horse painting that is on my easel....the frame for it should be arriving on Friday so I want to have it finished and ready for framing this weekend.


scus said…
I just love that hawk, wish one land in my yard. Maybe not, he would attack the little birds!!
He is hansome.
Pat said…
This actual hawk was in someone's backyard chasing after birds...they are beautiful but deadly to the little songbirds. I'm grateful they took photos and gave me permission to paint him!