Sweetheart Lake 7:30 AM

Early this morning I went out painting again....this is Sweetheart Lake, now a Girl Scout camp so I had to get special permission to be there amid the 'No Trespassing' signs to paint! It turned out the best spot was on that little wooden bridge over the waterfall....you can see my easel just to the left of the flag draped over the bridge.....after 2 hours there I took my easel and put it on the grass to take a photo. The next photo I took shows it in the process of falling over! LOL! No harm done....it's a very windy spot! I plan on going back Wednesday morning to get more done - by 9:30 the light changes so much that I lose the effect of the early morning light, so then I head home.


scus said…
Just a very beautiful spot !!
Pat said…
It was just begging to be painted!