A very busy weekend in Plymouth, MA...I was set up in the Crafters' Pavilion during their Thanksgiving "America's Hometown" celebration. The parade on Saturday lasted for more than 2 hours....what I saw of it was magnificent! It was a great event in a beautiful setting....right near where I go on whale watches. I was too busy to take many photos, these are a few.....

A beautiful sunrise Saturday.....and I was lucky to have some moments Sunday morning to wander on the beach and talk to the gulls  : )

The most magnificent flag hung over the parade route.
Note the confetti all over the grass on the hill!


scus said…
Great pictures., love the flag !
Pat said…
The pictures just cannot convey the feeling of seeing that huge flag there....definitely the biggest one I've seen. <> still tired from it all....Pepper is keeping her eye on me today!