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Horse Painting

Somehow the photo did not come through - here it is....

Horse completed!

Thanks to a wonderful person (okay....boyfriend) who is a professional photographer, I have a photo of the completed horse painting to share with you. I framed it tonight and framed, it is spectacular.....if you're in the area this weekend, stop by at the East Granby (CT) 150th Anniversary festival; I will be set up there Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. See my website under "Shows" for times and location.

A new development

I was going to post my progress on the horse painting; it has changed quite a bit and I am very happy with it and will be finishing it today - I went to take a photo of it to post here and my camera took a very strange-looking photo and then it died. The camera did, that has been in constant use for about 4-5 years ( I also use it for my Ebay business and take it everywhere I go hiking) and I have been amazed that it has lasted this long. I have picked out my next camera, and hopefully sometime this week will find the means to purchase it. So check back soon - unfortunately you won't be able to see the horse painting's progress, but you will be able to see the finished painting!