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I named the hawk.... "Focus"


So far..........

The hawk and the wolf

Last night I got to the hawk only for a short time....I long for a day when I can paint rather than spend so many hours pursuing income.... b ut in the meantime, here is my hawk as she sits on my easel....and the raw beginnings of one that was titled before I started it....the wolf is "despair (and hope)"......not necessarily in that order.

back at it.....

Yesterday afternoon I painted a cardinal on a milk can - something I used to do more of and if I had more than 24 hours in each day would definitely do more of! Branching out a little, thinking about painting on feathers and antlers next......and in the meantime the hawk is still beckoning me : ) I painted a couple of feathers on the other side of the can but my photo came out blurry (I moved the camera) so here's the front of the can......

Last night's progress....

This painting is exciting to me, to see where it is going....I never REALLY know : )

hawk continued.....