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Mac Revised

The composition of the painting was not working...sometimes I attempt something and then hit a wall with it, after a few days of looking at the painting I suddenly knew what I needed to do with it and my excitement has's a wonderful thing : ) I use the most wonderful Wallis sanded pastel paper; it is the only paper that allows me to make such drastic changes! The photo here does not show true color, but I'll do better with that later; I am setting up an exhibit today for the month of January at the Stafford Library.....

Mac goes into the New Year...

I am having a hard time trying to take as photo of this and having the colors show...the background, where it looks light and white here is actually a yellow/cream that leads into a deep orange gradually. When I am finished I'll have "my" photographer take the final photo.....this one really doesn't have the same effect as when I look at it on my easel. It is not finished yet, though........ New Year's resolution: (maybe if I write it down I will actually do it) - DRAW MORE! That should lead me to the next resolution - to relocate...