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And so it starts....

The very beginning of the next mural.....already I see the top left line is wrong : )
It's a progression that starts with a pencil drawing and a lot of crossed out lines, then I move to light gray paint lines so that I can see them better.....I make a grid on the picture I am working from and a grid on the 8 x 8 boards and try to fit things in right. The angles are always a challenge but I'm up to it!
Lots of commitments this weekend so I might not get back to it until Monday.....and in the meantime my turkey painting is almost done : )

Next feather...

It's not finished, of course.....and I had trouble getting a decent photo of looks much better in person. I know I won't be able to stay away from it, might have it finished today.

The Mural is Up!


Bluebird & Turkey

Did a little on my turkey painting....and finished the bluebird. I liked the bluebird when it was partially done, too....I think I may deliberately do some like that.
Mural update: Got the mural all lettered and signed yesterday and then put primer on the back of it as well as the back of the next mural the next one will be started as soon as the wood is cut to size. Tomorrow morning hopefully the rain will subside long enough to get the mural and plexiglas up!

Beginning the next feather...

This one speaks for itself...