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Eagle Feather


Windows fixed!

I had a lot on my plate today so I opted for just fixing the windows and putting in some sky is my greatest challenge on this mural - the entrances that are not at all clear and in some cases not even visible in the original postcard.


The white feather is is a design I created for one of the Tarot Cards that I did 72 wolf drawings for back in's called "Guides".
The other one is just the beginning of an eagle on a feather...this is a "Royal Palm" turkey feather...I am purchasing these whenever I find good ones, they are really nice for my paintings....found them on Ebay!

Painting progress today...

I can't believe I am showing you this....tomorrow the FIRST thing I will do is fix the angles on the windows on the left..... YUK!!!!!!!!!!
You might notice the grass is not as blue....that was the first thing I fixed today. It is nice to be able to get some distance from the mural by putting it on the computer the mural studio I can't get very far away from it and after a couple of hours EVERYTHING looks crooked! So then I stop and take a photo and come home to see what really IS crooked on the computer screen.

Music to paint feathers by....

Time for the goldfinch mating season again...this little fellow sang and sang the best he could right outside my window while I was painting feathers. The photo didn't come out too bad considering I took it through the screen.

My New Signs!

My new signs!!!!!!!
Don't pay any mind to the framing studio mess....started packing for this weekend's show this morning...and then there's that leak in the roof waiting to be fixed.....
I expect you ALL to come to my Grand Opening of that framing studio!!!!!!! Still painting etc., but it will be soon!

Tuesday painting....

I spent the morning arranging my frame studio and getting some artwork ready for this weekend's show (at the Sharon Audubon)...then finished the painting of my TWO new signs...they will go up towards the end of the week when it is cooler. Then I painted a new bear feather, a black bear this's a little hard to see in the photo because it's so dark. I got some GORGEOUS new feathers, soon I will just have to paint one. Took a day off from the mural to catch up on things here...I'll be back at that tomorrow morning.


A little more progress....grass is not done, I just needed to get rid of some of the white staring at me! Plus, the part I will enjoy the most, is there will be big trees and their shadows covering some of that grass...but those come close to the end.

Monday morning...

On my morning walk I flushed a grouse, but it hid too well for me to take photos...but this hawk didn't!
Then home to find a butterfly on my cosmos.....
Sure makes it hard to get to work!