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First day at Keene, NH show...

Home from an absolutely wonderful day at an art show in Keene...hoping for another great day tomorrow...I just love going north...I couldn't even get a feather painted there today, there were so many people all day...delightful people and a lot of wildlife lovers! A really nice show with a LOT of VERY good artists.
A new redtail feather for this weekend's show...

A better photo...

The 'official' and best photo will come on Tuesday when we hang exciting day, to finally see it from a distance!


IT IS FINISHED! However I could not get a good photo of front of my studio was a red tractor-trailer truck...the guys were unloading tires into the warehouse...and I could not get a photo without the red reflection from the truck. I'll get a better one another time. Tuesday morning, weather permitting, we hang it outside.

My Gallery!

The photos aren't very good, the sun was blaring in and I had all kinds of reflection, but....I FINALLY hung my artwork in my new framing studio and make room on the floor to finally bring in the last of my frames and prints. When I organize/find places for those, it will be rerady for that 'Grand Opening' I keep threatening! LOL! It's a bit of a dream to be able to hang all of my recent work... and I am sure every time I walk in there it will inspire me to work hard.
I had intended to paint feathers this afternoon.....

The Mural!

After 3 days away from the mural, I was anxious to get to it today...I did a lot of finishing work on the building, a little on the grass and driveway, at the end started on some leaves. The plan for tomorrow is to add some trees in the left foreground and finish leaves....and to declare it completed! We all know what happens to plans, hopefully this one will work! I'm excited : )