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Here was my view this evening....front "yard" and driveway. (Staying at a relative's lodge in Wardsboro, VT) Set up for the show at Mount Snow today and will be there the next 2 days....but I'd rather be wandering in these woods! It's spectacular here!

Today's work...

The only thing I did with the mural today was to add the wispy clouds....then went on to painting feathers for this weekend's show. The black wolf on the white feather is Lady - a very old and dear friend of mine. It's my favorite of all the feathers I've done.


Disheartening day...when the skies opened up this morning so did my new studio/gallery roof. Still a framing studio, no longer a gallery : ( Didn't get to the mural today, tomorrow is another day...

New Cougar Feather


More mural...

I did window work, brick work, chimney work and flower work's starting to look like it is near completion.


The 'official' finished photo of Shadow's painting...he will be framed tomorrow.

Sunday morning at the mural...

I did a lot of detailing work that you probably don't see in this small photo, still have lots of crooked lines : ) Tomorrow I plant the flowers!