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This is the painting I started at the demo Tuesday night in Tolland...her name is Lady, a wolf I knew from the time she was a very tiny baby and I helped hand-feed her...still figuring out what I want to do with this painting, but it will come...

Bit by bit...

Bit by bit, detail by day this week I suppose I will be declaring this mural finished. I spent about an hour with it today, other things I needed to do were pressing on my mind, but I got the grass texturing started and did more detail work on the building. A bit more to go but not too much.

Back to the mural studio!

It is nice to be back to the mural...Vermont relaxed me and I enjoyed working on some shadowing and details without the rushed feeling I had last week at it. It'll be done when it's done : )

The Return...

My demo tonight in Tolland....after a wonderful weekend in Vermont, at the Mount Snow show. Back to the mural tomorrow!