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New paintings...

The beginning of my next commission, these 2 gorgeous dogs....and the beginning of the next mural, which will feature the excitement of sulky racing at the Stafford is VERY difficult to get a decent photo of it, not being able to get far enough away from it, so here are 2 different ones, each distorted differently! Unfortunately all of my pencil drawing does not show up in the photos.

More Media...

A friend who lives in the Tolland/Vernon area saw and saved this issue of the Reminder for me, media coverage from my Demo in Tolland in October. What a surprise! The information in it is 99% incorrect but I am nonetheless grateful for the free press.


I would love to post the painting I am working on right now, but it is a Christmas gift for someone who might see it on here and I'm sworn to secrecy! After the holiday I can post its progress.... In the meantime, I will also be starting work on a new mural this week, hopefully this afternoon I can get the primer on the boards and can start drawing it out in the next few days.