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Turkey Painting revisions finished

Finished the turkey painting today....more turkeys, more shading....possibly more interesting...

"The Other Light"...completed!


Meet Lady...

Some background on the subject of my painting "The Other Light"......
Lady was born and lived her life at a wolf sanctuary. I first came to know her when she was about 5 weeks old...and in the years that followed I spent many treasured moments with her. From a very young age she enjoyed untying my shoes and chewing on them - gently. I thought I would share first of all, the photo that I worked from to make the painting - this is of Lady and her pups. The second is of her laying with me (note the untied shoelaces!), making sure no other wolf came near me....she had claimed me! I took this photo while she was on my legs, so I couldn't get the distance needed for a really good shot. The third is a paw print she left on me one day with muddy feet. These photos were taken before digital cameras were widely available and my photographing skills left a lot to be desired, but they are still among my most prized possessions.

"The Other Light"

Last night I re-arranged my studio area and this morning I couldn't wait to start painting! My easel is closer to my nice large "Rockwell" window and the snow outside is sticking to everything, making a great scene to paint by. I am working on Lady's painting this morning and possibly am close to completing it. I have named it "The Other Light".

New Sign!

We just hung the sign - the first of a few new ones I need to do. I am as excited as when we hang a mural!

Old work revisited...

The area around my easel is too full of work that needs to be finished and/or I am re-framing a lot of my work I am taking the opportunity to improve them. Such is the case with the turkey painting - today I started adding more turkeys....
And the wolf painting is one that I started at a demo in October....and got caught up in the Christmas rush and never got back to she went up on the easel for completion.
I don't work well with clutter so finishing these paintings will help - I have 3 more to finish/rework and 3 commissions so these will be busy (and happy) paintings days ahead! Let it snow!