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Today was my sign day - on my sign at the mural studio I made the lettering fatter and added a paw print....then in front of my place I took my Abby sign and put it above my "Rockwell" window, where my easel is - and put my old mural studio sign in its place by the road....I still have some signs with lettering to do, but this was a good accomplishment today, in-between rainy days - and then I have started filling in some areas on my goose painting.

A new way of painting...

Last week I watched 2 pair of geese arguing over a nesting site...and am re-creating it in a painting. I am trying something new - working on Gator Board prepared for pastels, instead of just paper, this is a rigid surface....and I underpainted it with the yellowish-brown color you see on there. It will be covered up but I also think it will add something to the painting...we'll see! The board has a rougher surface than I am used to, so it's going to be a challenge to get the good details in the geese. They are in an old pond and swamp at the edge of the woods.......and the geese on the right won the argument!

Sign up!

The mural studio, the sign....and last May's Memorial Hall mural.

Abby Sign #2 continued....

Finished painting Abby...just need to do the lettering....