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The challenge of fog


Bear finished, fog painting in progress...



Tried to go snowshoeing this morning....deep powdery snow was too strenuous for my arthritic joints, went in a little ways, took a photo and came back out! Oh, to be 30 again........

Back to pastels on paper...

The VERY raw beginning of a painting....I am working from my photos from last Sept. in Shenipsit Forest, the rising sun and fog at the edge of a big meadow there. There will be the addition of a deer in the fog in the painting.....just as I imagined it when I stood there.

A good day to paint!

Snowy days inspire me : )

Firefighting murals

Just returned from my mural's a "go" : )
We are combining the one of the 2 firefighters on the roof into the one with the 2 firetrucks and ambulance...that will be one mural....the other will be the one with the horses, that one was especially loved. That particular one I started yesterday, woke up with the idea. I wish I could tap into that muse more often and consciously!

Ready for presentation...

Like the others, not completed, but ready for presentation.

Firefighting paintings - final day

The top two paintings are as they will be presented - not completed 100%, but done enough to portray the idea. The third is not ready yet, will be later today, an idea that came to me yesterday, the modern fire truck and old horse-driven steam engine together....with the steam engine more ghostly. I also entertained the idea of making the old-time fireman on the roof (in the second painting) as a ghost figure....maybe, maybe not.
If you have any suggestions, I welcome them!