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I think I am finished....


I'm back!

It's been an interesting computer was hacked into and they tried to empty my bank the computer went into the shop for a couple of days to rid it of the intruder. Then, last Sunday when I was packing my van at the art show I hit my head very hard on the door jamb...after 4 days of a horrific headache and fogginess I finally got checked yesterday....concussion. So I am needing to rest more, something that does not come naturally to me! (It's hard to make a living and rest your brain at the same time!) I did paint a new fish on birch bark this week and got started on my latest commission that you see here....but I have cancelled my plans to be at Brimfield painting....I am told not to focus on anything for any period of time....

Keene Art in the Park

Just returned from another nice show in Keene...while there I painted two feathers, the one I was painting in the photo here sold! The other is my newest hawk portrait.