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Clean out day.....

Cleaning out my spare room/art storage room for the arrival of my artwork I will pick up from the Boston exhibit this week....making room for it and really re-organizing. I am doing that thing that an artist sometimes has to do.....I am ripping. There is some old work that I will be offering at LOW prices in the very near future....but some of it needed to be ripped. It's like turning a page in your life....some of them I look at and I feel like a different person did them, I have come far....dusting out the artwork cobwebs!

Here I go....

Just finished packing for my first outdoor set-up of the year....going to the Mansfield Flea Market with a friend on Sunday....on the one hand, am looking forward to the people-contact, on the other hand, WOW this is a lot of work  LOL  Living my dream  :)

A new family!

In addition to the 8 babies born May 8th, a new family with 7 babies hatched last night or this morning!  More photos here:

Six bears today.....


"Father Fox" finished!